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About Penny

I have been interested in health since I was a young girl. My father was a doctor in Caldwell, and I worked in his clinic through my teens. Even at that young age, I intuitively knew the importance of proper nutrition and supplements. My father started out as a physical therapist before he became a physician. He was also trained in hypnosis. He used this for my mother who was allergic to Novocaine.  He would hypnotize her before she had dental work so she could tolerate the pain.  His abilities had a profound effect on me.  Not only did I observe the importance of exercise and balance in the body but the impact that the mind has on our bodies.  The seeds had been planted!

On a more personal note, I enjoy the outdoors, time with friends, and gardening.  The four years I lived in England changed my life forever and expanded my view of the world. I love music and have played the piano since I was nine. I enjoy all things creative and strive to bring creative energy into my work.

Professional Credentials

Structural Integration Practitioner 2011

Reiki Master 2008

Cranial Sacral Manipulation 2004

Northern Institute of Massage, Blackpool England 1989



I provide Intuitive Readings, Energy Healing sessions as well as Therapeutic Massage. My goal is to assist people in finding healing, balance and a better understanding of themselves through body awareness.  My journey has been to listen and intuit what the body is trying to communicate through its aches and pains, symptoms, posture, and its energy signature. My early training as a massage therapist has given me a wonderful window into this work, which over the past 30 years has evolved into energy healing and a strong intuition about the body.  

I welcome you to experience this unique treatment and am honored to assist in your healing process.

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